The Power of API

So what does an API Project actually look like, and what is it good for? In general, it all boils down to whether you want to, or need to automate something in your account. Minor automation is possible with AdWords Automated Rules, the API is for more complex needs. Do you need your AdWords Account to dynamically adapt to the changes within your company? This is where the power of API comes into play.

An Understanding of API

To put things really simply, the AdWords API is a tool that allows programmers to write programs or even applications that interact with your AdWords account. This interaction has two main directions: you are either reading data from your account, or making changes to it. Sometimes, you need to do both. An example for fetching data from your account could come in handy if you have a custom corporate reporting tool. With the power of API at hand, it now becomes possible for the tool to include your advertising costs and results. Most commonly, you will want to change things in your AdWords account based on a trigger at your company. Are you low on stock for a certain product? The API allows you to display customized at text for this item, or even pause the ads if you are fully out of stock. Just about anything is possible and the sky is indeed the limit.

The Drawbacks of using API

Much like with everything else, there are things to consider when aiming for an API solution. An API project requires three things to work: time, resources and dedication. Writing programs and applications that connect your company to AdWords is a time consuming task. It also requires a lot of careful planning to make sure everything works without error and that data is kept safe at all times. To sum things up, you will need an expert in the area to set things up for you. Dedication is also extremely important. API programming requires you to set things straight – to know exactly what you need. Your AdWords account will be specialized to meet these needs, but specialization can come with the price of losing some flexibility for future additions.

The Advantage of using API

Despite being projects of great volme, the AdWords API gives massive power into your hands. Need your ads to adapt to product stock levels? To their prices? Even to the current weather? With the power of API any of these can become reality. OurAdwords can help you with your initial planning and provide you with the expert programming resources required. We will provide you with constant feedback on the status of development, and always get back to you with any details that need to be discussed.