Campaign Development Process

The campaign development process depends greatly on the specific needs of your business. The basic idea however, will always remain the same. No matter how large or small your business is, the fundamental steps for building your AdWords Account will always be the same.

Understanding Your Needs

As a first step, we will gather information about your business. We need to better understand not only your products and services, but also your key selling points and mission in general. While you are not required to share every bit of detail, the more data we have, the greater precision we can demonstrate.

Preparation and Planning

Based on what we’ve learned, we will take a careful look at your website, and if possible, the corresponding Google Analytics Account. The layout of your website should be fine-tuned to reflect the profile of your business, and this information will be just what we need to start planning the project. As a result of this phase, you will receive a fully fledged Campaign Plan and a corresponding Quotation.

Campaign Development

If you find the plan to suit your needs, this is where the actual campaign development process begins. The first thing you will receive is a list of ad text which we will ask you to review. Your feedback is extremely important to match the text to your clients’ expected tastes. Finally, once everything is set and ready for launch, we will send you the invoice for the project.

Payment and Launch

Once the invoice is paid, you will receive full access to the account. We will need you to review your in-account billing information and set your payment method. Detailed instructions will be provided. When everything is set, the campaign is ready for launch

Post-Launch Guarantee

No matter if you need continuous management or not, we will always keep a close eye on the account in the first couple of days. If something goes wrong, we will be there to fix it.