Campaign Management Process

The entire campaign management process depends greatly on your needs. In general, we will keep a close eye on the performance of your campaign and take immediate action if necessary. We will also make continuous adjustments to your keyword sets to make sure they match what people search for. We can also test your ad text and add new variations to continuously improve your performance.

Support Checkups

You never know when the market is going to change. You might have a new competitor joining, or existing advertisers might start pushing with higher budgets. Fluctuations in search volume can also have a considerable effect on your campaign performance. At the most basic level, we will keep a close eye on your campaigns, monitoring them for any irregularities. If necessary, we will step in to nudge your account in the right direction, or contact you directly if necessary.

Keyword Management

At the very heart of the campaign management process is keyword optimization. We rely heavily on user search queries – the exact phrases which your visitors type into Google’s search bar. Using software specifically designed for this purpose we locate both relevant and irrelevant phrases in this data. Irrelevant phrases are then added negative keywords, while highly relevant phrases are used to expand your existing keyword set.

Ad Text Management

Testing and optimizing your ad text by making small modifications can also be of key importance. We will always have multiple ad entries for each of your ad groups, and have them run against one another. Over time we will discard the less successful ones and try new variations of ad text. Sometimes even the slightest of changes can trigger measurable results.

Change Reports

As you can see, we perform manual, handicraft campaign management. We see automation as a means of improving work efficiency: having programs and applications work for us, but not instead of us. There must be a proof of the exact amount of work done on your account, however. Each month we will provide you with a log of all changes concerning your keyword and ad sets. These logs provide excellent insight into our work and also allow you to spot new opportunities by understanding what your customers actually search for.