Advanced Integration

Most companies who are serious about their website and its efficiency will opt for advanced Analytics integration. This service offers everything basic setup has to offer, and adds some extra features of Google Analytics. Online stores for example will be on the lookout for E-commerce tracking. This feature of Google Analytics allows you to track your transactions and the revenue they generate. This, in turn can be directly compared to your advertising costs to measure your ROI.

Measuring Success Beyond Visitor Count

Google Analytics integrated at a basic level allows for a quick understanding of your site’s visitors. Indices like traffic growth can be easily calculated and compared over time. What makes advanced Analytics integration that much better is that it offers direct feedback on your actual business goals. You will receive a great deal of information on the number of transactions or quotation requests achieved. This includes tracing transactions back to which traffic source they originated from, the location of the user or the device they had at hand.

E-commerce tracking is a lot more versatile than one might think. In many cases, it can be directly used for companies providing services. A great example is tourism, where the client can often customise the details of the trip they sign on to. E-commerce tracking is great for gathering all this information and storing it ready for analysis. In other cases, tracking the user’s route until he submits a form is vital. In this case we combine event and goal tracking to gather the information needed to set up the conversion funnel.

Every business is unique. What makes advanced Analytics integration good for most companies is that it allows for a data collection system customised to its specific needs.