Custom Solutions

Special needs require special solutions. If your company’s website is of paramount importance and performance optimization is an absolute priority, we have you covered. Our custom Analytics solutions all begin with a long planning phase. First, we must understand what your precise needs are, what is the exact structure of your website and what you wish to achieve. As a next step we will build a plan specifically designed for your needs.

Details Made Countable

If applicable, we will consider implementing Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. Enhanced Ecommerce is an extremely powerful asset of Google Analytics that can be used to measure the entire shopping process. You will receive information about everything, from the first time your product appeared to the user up until the transaction has been successfully sent. This is only part of the project, however. We will provide tracking for specific elements of your website. If needed, you will know which parts of your website menu is the most popular. If necessary, we can also setup Analytics to track your users by their id, if they are logged in to the system.

Custom Analytics solutions is a complete package, but you typically won’t need all of its features. The idea is to select and apply what you need exactly where you need it.