Complex Projects

Sometimes you will need one full, comprehensive package to get everything done. If you believe your business is going to rely heavily on its website, consider opting in for a complex project. Complex projects are for those looking for a premium solution to cover everything from campaigns to data collection. The team at OurAdWords will take a careful look at your website, your services and your goals to determine what suits you best. Sometimes, you might need a customized API-driven campaign set that adjusts dynamically to your product portfolio. Combine this with customized reporting: measure your menus, your conversion funnel and everything important. Turn your website into a platform that gathers information for your business and helps drive your decisions.

The Key Difference

Complex projects are about turning your website into a self-sustaining, integral part of your business flow. Your AdWords campaigns will provide a steady flow of visitors. While browsing your site, these people will leave behind lots of valuable data. Our job is to determine what we want to measure and set up the proper mechanisms to capture this data. This data can then be extracted and sent to either your personnel or your own business analytics systems. In the end, this process will allow you to access information that helps you make the right choices at the right time.

Complex projects are arguably the most tailor-made solution at OurAdWords. If your company is special, and your website requires special treatment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Let the planning begin.

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