Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is perhaps the single most popular website statistics platform. Google provides the service free of charge, all you have to do is integrate it into your website. The platform also has an enterprise edition, Google Analytics 360, which is characterized by a massive feature set available at extravagant pricing. For most users however – many multinational companies included – the base product contains all the features they will ever need to keep track of their websites’ performance. Proper Google Analytics integration is of paramount importance however, as it allows you to see beyond raw visitor counts. If you are seeking to understand your visitors, you will need to analyze traffic to its greatest extent.

The Value of Google Analytics

No matter which level of Analytics integration you prefer, you will always have full access to the core features of Analytics. These include general quantitative and behavioral statistics about website visits (sessions) and visitors (users). You can also filter the data to access the geographical and technological features of your visitors. This includes variables such as their location, operating system or the device they used. Segmenting your visitors based on their source – where they came from – also yields much information. Google Analytics is an excellent source of information, and we will help you get it running quickly and efficiently.

Levels of Analytics Integration

At OurAdwords, we differentiate between three levels of Analytics Integration. Basic Integration is technically all you need to start seeing your visitor data. If applicable, we will also add other basic features like Search Console or Google AdWords connectivity. Advanced Integration includes everything from Basic Integration and provides additional features. This includes certain features of Google Analytics that require coding, but are still essentially out-of-the-box. Features like basic eCommerce tracking and simple event tracking are all included in this package. Sometimes however, one needs more than just standard features for monitoring website performance. We also have the needs for more complex solutions covered.

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Basic Integration

Do you need a head start into measuring how your website functions? Are you looking for simple, but reliable data on visitor quantities? If the answer is yes, and you feel the need for little else, basic Analytics integration is just for you. Integrating Google Analytics into your website is usually a fairly simple task. The catch is that we have seen all too often Analytics failing because of miniscule programming errors. Sometimes the tracking code has been misplaced; in other cases, it was simply missing from parts of the site. We offer you the peace of mind to know that everything is in place and the data you get is as clean as it can get.

What You See is What You Get

Basic Analytics integration is just that – it is basic. First of all, we will consult you about your goals and plans to understand what method of implementation is best for you. Sometimes, it is a better idea to use Google Tag Manager to keep all your code snippets in one location. In other cases, directly installing the tracking code is a more viable option. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, one must also decide if it’s better to use a plugin or directly modifying the template fits you better.

Having said that, getting the basics right is often more important than implementing niche tracking techniques. There is no point to measuring anything fancy if your basic dataflow is corrupted. Getting things straight is as crucial as it is affordable.

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Advanced Integration

Most companies who are serious about their website and its efficiency will opt for advanced Analytics integration. This service offers everything basic setup has to offer, and adds some extra features of Google Analytics. Online stores for example will be on the lookout for E-commerce tracking. This feature of Google Analytics allows you to track your transactions and the revenue they generate. This, in turn can be directly compared to your advertising costs to measure your ROI.

Measuring Success Beyond Visitor Count

Google Analytics integrated at a basic level allows for a quick understanding of your site’s visitors. Indices like traffic growth can be easily calculated and compared over time. What makes advanced Analytics integration that much better is that it offers direct feedback on your actual business goals. You will receive a great deal of information on the number of transactions or quotation requests achieved. This includes tracing transactions back to which traffic source they originated from, the location of the user or the device they had at hand.

E-commerce tracking is a lot more versatile than one might think. In many cases, it can be directly used for companies providing services. A great example is tourism, where the client can often customise the details of the trip they sign on to. E-commerce tracking is great for gathering all this information and storing it ready for analysis. In other cases, tracking the user’s route until he submits a form is vital. In this case we combine event and goal tracking to gather the information needed to set up the conversion funnel.

Every business is unique. What makes advanced Analytics integration good for most companies is that it allows for a data collection system customised to its specific needs.

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Custom Solutions

Special needs require special solutions. If your company’s website is of paramount importance and performance optimization is an absolute priority, we have you covered. Our custom Analytics solutions all begin with a long planning phase. First, we must understand what your precise needs are, what is the exact structure of your website and what you wish to achieve. As a next step we will build a plan specifically designed for your needs.

Details Made Countable

If applicable, we will consider implementing Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. Enhanced Ecommerce is an extremely powerful asset of Google Analytics that can be used to measure the entire shopping process. You will receive information about everything, from the first time your product appeared to the user up until the transaction has been successfully sent. This is only part of the project, however. We will provide tracking for specific elements of your website. If needed, you will know which parts of your website menu is the most popular. If necessary, we can also setup Analytics to track your users by their id, if they are logged in to the system.

Custom Analytics solutions is a complete package, but you typically won’t need all of its features. The idea is to select and apply what you need exactly where you need it.

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